Encountering an Oasis on the Sea
Premium Water Club, CLUBD OASIS

the 8th National Wellness Hot Spring

CLUBD OASIS is the first and only urban wellness hot spring in Busan, and it has been approved as the 8th national wellness hot spring in Korea. Experience warm and joyful moments in a unique space with CLUBD OASIS's distinctive hot spring water.


4F Signature Waterpark (Outdoor)

It is a signature facility of CLUBD Oasis, where you can enjoy all the relaxation you could dream of. It gives a differentiated experience wherever you step to immerse yourself in exotic scenery.

Infinity Pool, Oasis Pool (Kids Pool), Aqua Slide, and Lazy River


4F Adventure Waterpark (Indoor)

A space where you can experience various adventures in a lush palm forest. Enjoy attractions hidden all over the place.

Palm Kitchen, Wave Pool, Cross Activity, Underwater Adventure, Bade Pool, Dream Bed Pool, and Tube Slide


5F Ocean View Spa (Indoor & Outdoor)

The Ocean View Spa offers an outdoor hot spring bath. There is a special lounge on the terrace where you can wear a Korean dry sauna outfit or swimsuit.

Cheongsudang, The Mirage, and Hot Spring Sauna


6F Ocean View Terrace Bar (Outdoor)

You can enjoy an outdoor cabin sauna while gazing at the far horizon touching the sky in the distance.

Horizon Bar, Walking Foot Bath, and Cabin Sauna


6F Theme Spa (Indoor)

It seems that the endless sand desert has been moved to this space. You can enjoy various dry sauna themes, including Myun Yeok Gong Bang, a high-end wellness space.

Myun Yeok Gong Bang, Salt Room, Cypress Room, Red Clay Room, Elvan Room, and Ice Room